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  • I have always really valued quality audio and for years have dream’t of acquiring the ‘ultimate’ system. So I finally decided to ‘do it’ and to do it right. After significant research I discovered Simon at Elite Audio. Simon and his team were exemplary during every stage of the transaction. They assisted with excellent comparative demonstrations and I found exactly what I had hoped for in sound quality and appearance in Marantz components with B&W speakers. The team even made site visits to help me decide on the best in-situ configuration.
    The installation was done efficiently and flawlessly. What really bowled me over was the sheer enthusiasm and competence of everyone I dealt with at Elite Audio.
    I am absolutely thrilled with the end result and more than satisfied that I got real value for my money.

    - Christine
  • The “Sons of Sound” were called in to do a fairly complex (well to me complex) installation for an a client who demanded nothing less than the best in equipment and it’s installation. Knowing the client well and having had Chris and Simon explain to me the intricacy of the installation i fore saw nothing but drama on the horizon.

    After several months of jumping through hurdles and running many gauntlets with the specifications demanded from the client, The “Sons of Sound” fired the Bowers and Wilkins and Marantz combination hardware.

    EPIC !
    Sound re-defined.
    Projector picture clarity – Impeccable.

    Simon will continue to enjoy referrals from me!
    All the best in the future gentlemen.

    - Otto
  • Since my High School days I have been dreaming of owning my very own ‘proper’ home theatre. Something I could truly appreciate, a quality system that could give the artists and tracks I love the reproduction they deserved!
    Friends of ours had a system installed by Simon a few years ago. I remember saying to myself that when I was all grown up and working that I would get Simon to install a system just like it for myself!
    A couple years later I got my first pay check. I called Simon up to see what deal he could put together for me (a fresh out of University starter salary earning 21 year old).
    All I can say is this – Simon went out of his way to get me the best possible home theatre system they could help me afford! They sourced me a beautiful Marantz amplifier, a stunning compact HD projector and everything else to go along with it! They even went to the extent of installing everything for me after hours! From day 1 it has been my most treasured and appreciated possession!
    So Simon – Thank you for understanding how much I appreciate music and quality sound, and thank you for making my High School day wishes come true!

    - Ed
  • After looking for a sound system for my home, which suited my needs and budget,
    I managed to get hold of Simon at Elite Audio.
    They provided just that and more!
    Sound advice, a professional installation and excellent service – more than I asked for!
    I highly recommend Elite Audio. Thanks again

    - Jochen
  • In April 2012 “Elite Audio” installed a flat screen TV with a Marantz sound system in our open plan TV room / kitchen / dining room, as well as a Flat screen TV with speakers in our ceiling in the adjoining Patio. It is absolutely amazing and the service received from “Elite Audio” was absolutely ‘first class’. I highly recommend this professional team who are always there to give advice and guidance when it is needed. ‘Elite Audio’ are tops!

    - Judy
  • After consulting with “audio specialists” from 3 highly reputable companies, local and out of town, it was very evident that only ONE of them was really passionate about his work and customer!
    I’m a fussy customer and I can confidently tell you that Simon is amazing, his work is SUPERB. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for your next installation, be it new or an upgrade!
    I found Simon and his team to be a real pleasure to work with.

    - Kapil
  • Towards the end of 2012 I decided to become literate in the audio world. At the age of 69 I was compromised regarding modern technology and I regard myself fortunate for coming into contact with Simon of Elite Audio. Not only did he give me sound advice and excellent service but he also priced the items I needed competitively. Needless to say that today I have an excellent sound system with the comforting knowledge that if I have any problems with my system Simon is only a phone call away.

    - Neels
  • Great guys with a passion for music excellence and a real drive to stay on top of the latest technology the market has to offer, while always willing to go the extra mile. It is wonderful to share the exciting world of music and it’s reproduction with like minded friends.

    - Neil
  • When we wanted to upgrade from our store-bought system, we contacted Elite Audio and were impressed with the advice we received regarding price and quality. We then purchased a home theatre system as well as hi-fi components and have enjoyed many hours of listening.

    We would also like to mention that the installation of our system was done efficiently and professionally.

    - Richard & Loraine
  • As a valued re seller of high-end audio equipment, Elite Audio are brilliant in all stages of your purchase path. Simon is a true expert in detailed and complex installations. I will recommend them any day.

    - Ryno
  • In March 2012 I had Elite Audio install an all surround Marantz system and Flat screen in my home. Their service was professional and efficient. The installation was neat and the best part was that everything worked!
    What is perhaps even more important is that their backup and after-sales service was and is exemplary. In today’s world, where workmanship is often shoddy and follow-up almost non-existent, it is good to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with Simon. Personal service at it’s best. I recommend them to you .

    - Warren
  • We were never in the market for a high end entertainment system. However, we saw a system installed at friends and the equipment sold itself!
    When Simon came to install our new system days later, we were met with the highest standards of professionalism, a sound knowledge of the product and excellent workmanship.

    During the last 18 months, we have called several times to fine tune the system to our specific needs. The response time to queries are impressive and when some of our equipment got struck by lightning they went beyond duty and loaned us a system whilst taking care of our repairs.

    We recommend their products, their workmanship and professional conduct 100%!

    - Yulinda