Bose power amplifiers


Configurable Power Amplifiers


Power AmplifiersThe Bose® PowerMatch® line of amplifiers


The Bose® PowerMatch® line of amplifiers provides concert-quality sound with a high level of scalability and configurability. The PowerMatch line offers four models with multiple channel and power options, each including an integrated audio DSP, front panel interface and USB connection. Ethernet-equipped versions enable network configuration, control and monitoring. An expansion slot supports input from optional digital audio accessory cards.  PowerMatch amplifiers utilize numerous Bose technologies to deliver an unprecedented combination of performance, efficiency, and ease of installation—all in a reliable, proprietary design.



Mixer Amplifiers



Mixer amplifiers are a combination of digital mixer and amplifier products designed to provide mixing, routing, paging and amplification for commercial sound systems. These versatile units are engineered for business music applications such as conference spaces, retail stores and restaurants. The goal is to provide simple solutions for business environments that need amplification, mixing and paging capability, as well as one or more zones of control.

FreeSpace DXA 2120FreeSpace DXA 2120 digital mixer / amplifier


The Bose® FreeSpace® DXA 2120 digital mixer/amplifier features a 6-in by 2-out design that provides signal processing, mixing, routing, paging and two-channel amplification for installed applications.  It offers three versatile operating modes and is easily configured using the controls on the front panel. No external computer is required.



Zone Amplifiers



Zone amplifiers deliver robust audio amplification for commercial sound systems such as retail stores, conference space and hospitality locations. Considered workhorses of the industry, zone amplifiers are designed and tested to high standards of quality to achieve trouble-free operation.


FreeSpace IZAFreeSpace® IZA 250-LZ and IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifiers

For background/foreground music and paging applications, the Bose® FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ and IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifiers are designed to deliver premium sound, provide simplified set up and easy daily operation, and offer the flexibility to expand when more loudspeakers are required. When used with FreeSpace DS 16 and DS 40 loudspeakers, even further sound optimization is possible through onboard selectable EQ presets.



FreeSpace ZAFreeSpace® ZA 250-LZ and ZA 190-HZ zone amplifiers


Bose® FreeSpace® ZA 250-LZ and ZA 190-HZ zone amplifiers are designed to provide basic amplification and sound system expansion when using front-end signal processing from products such as the FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ / 190-HZ integrated zone amplifiers, the FreeSpace 4400 business music system and ControlSpace® engineered sound processors.