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Networkable DSPThe Bose® line of ControlSpace®


The Bose® line of ControlSpace® ESP engineered sound processors offers advanced signal processing that meets today’s strict requirements for low-latency, high-quality digital conversion, and low-noise/high dynamic range audio applications. With the option of choosing between four fixed-I/O models or a flexible card-frame model that can be customized with up to 64 audio channels, ControlSpace ESP processors provide a solution for nearly any project.

Bose ESP products offer network audio options with Dante™ and CobraNet® (CobraNet for ControlSpace ESP-00 II only) expansion cards for routing audio between Bose ESP processors, PowerMatch® amplifiers, and third-party products. ESPLink connectivity, available across all ESP processor models, provides a convenient 8-channel bus for distributing digital audio to same-rack PowerMatch amplifiers.

All ControlSpace ESP products leverage an open-architecture DSP platform with a library of audio signal processing algorithms; all enabled using Bose ControlSpace Designer™ software. ControlSpace Designer software is used to configure both signal processing and control capabilities of ControlSpace ESP processors, as well as applying firmware updates and upgrades that enhance and extend the capabilities of ControlSpace ESP processors. ControlSpace Designer software makes it easy to design, configure and control a complete system comprised of Bose Engineered Sound processors, PowerMatch amplifiers and a variety of Bose user controls, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface—without any time-consuming programming or scripting.

All ControlSpace ESP processors have built-in serial (RS-232 or Ethernet) and general-purpose I/O connectivity allowing external customization and integration with industry standard control systems. Bose user interface options include straightforward, wall-mounted hardware interfaces and mobile device apps for complete and convenient system control.


Loudspeaker Processors


Loudspeaker ProcessorsThe Bose® ControlSpace®


The Bose® ControlSpace® SP-24 sound processor makes optimizing 2×4 installed and portable sound systems easy with a simple front panel interface for basic operations or the intuitive SP-24 Editor software for full access to all signal processing settings.